Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bacterium băk-tîr'ē-əm - Experimental, dark ambient, noise

Reviewed by Batcheeba.

Bacterium is the first Adeptsound compilation. I have to admit that due to the huge number of compilations being released these days, I usually start the task of reviewing one with a slight sigh. More often than not, I find a bunch of helpless tracks by unknown bands that can't seem to land a deal with anyone. And to top it all off, I was having a shitty day.But I stand corrected. Bakterium is the kind of quality that will make me raise my eyebrow and go "well hey now... Now we're talking". From the very first track this release asserts it self as a solid and high quality compilation. No bullshit, no fluff, just to the point, hard hitting music for people into high quality dark experimental. Cheaomaschines sets a intriguing mood as the first band, it's an excellent choise by Adeptsound to have "culture" as the first track as it's an evoking in it self with soothing sounbdscapes. Column one blew me away with their interesting mix of genres in their track "Cindy, Loraine & Hank". By now I'm thinking it can't get better than this, but then DDAA completely blows me away with "Verdeter" with a dark, occult drone infected vibe. The vocals are out of this world and I will most definately be looking into their discography. I guess being around since 1977 will give you that nerve newcomers are so seldom able to express. A fav track without a doubt.

Track 4 by Dieter Müh "Bacteria 2" is a much more contemporary track, with subtle minimalist sounds lingering in the background. Then Maison Close shreds the vibe with their power electronic infested "Filoviridae Mutatis". Excellent dirty noise, combined with eerie samples they master the art of the genre perfectly. I love the production here, it's not too polished as much of what comes out of this genre is today. The layers are very present, and I know quite a few sound geeks who would drool over this track for sure. Brutal, yet controlled. Well done. Mnem - Invisible Organism". Not a track for everyone, but I love it. It's a meditative noisy drone trip with excellent atonal electronic sounds. I never grow tired of bands who are confident enough in their art to make music like this. This track pulls you into what I call the white light of noise meditation. Tres relaxing.

N.Strahl.N with "Plasma-Spaltung" is defenetly interesting, but the mastering is too clean. This sounds too much like the film score of a 70's sci-if film witch in it self isn’t a bad thing, but compared the the other tracks it's too clean, to pretty and has no nerve. The sounds are interesting, I can tell that there are some really nice sonic experiments hiding in the production. Dig those out next time. Next up is Josef Nadek with the track "Yersinia Pestis" is Hard hitting noise track complimented by dark ambient soundscapes. Oh, I really love some of the sounds they've come up with. I get a slight Sun o))) vibe at times actually, and my mind also wanders into Tetsuo territory. It's all good.

Schuster "The Scattering Of Bones - Place & Call (Klebsiella)" is track #9. A soothing aural chill out zone in between all the uncompromising noise tracks. Multi layered and very tactile, Schuster evokes mental images of long forgotten spirits. It's a very interesting listen as it is unpredictable in all the right ways. And again I really like the production on this, it's really quite crisp. Praying For Oblivion – ALH84001 comes in as track #10 and from the get go kicks it off with brutal power electronics. I like how Adeptsound obvsiously has put a great deal of thought into the progression of the track list. Praying for oblivion actually reminds me of Grammal Seizure except for the loud mastering he is well known for, and not so unforgiving. But certainly up there regarding quality. It ends abruptly however, mind the glitch, or intentional?

Next up is The Psychogeographical Commission's "Pathogenic Suspension". TPC is a band I really admire and I was pleased to see their name in the track list, as I knew at least of of the tracks would be good. "Pathogenic Suspension" is without a doubt a TPC track, but with a dark vibe. We found that dark vibe in their latest release as well, and it suits their unusual approach to sound. Soothing and calming with a little evil twist. Love it. Last but not least we have Sevan Oh with "Natural Unit", who has the, at times unforgiving, job of delivering the last track of a compilation. Did Adeptsound save the best for last? The track starts off with cut up samples looped on top of minimalist snippets of sounds. Very interesting indeed with a Biosphere kind of feeling to it. It's an intelligent track with a philosophical message "Will you be ready" It's the perfect ending to a really impressive compilation. I would say that this compilation is perfect for those of you who are in your 30's, who are sick of the mass produced shit the industry spews out.

Title: Bacterium băk-tîr'ē-əm
Label: Adeptsound
Cat No: ADSC001CD
Packaging: 4-fold Digipak with 12-page color booklet with a limited edition hand-numbered postcard
Ltd Edition: 300 copies.

1. Cheap machines - Culture (6:51)
2. Column One - Cindy, Loraine & Hank (4:30)
3. DDAA - Verdeter (6:09)
4. Dieter Müh - Bacteria 2 (Live) (5:32)
5. Maison Close - Filoviridae Mutatis (6:38)
6. Mnem - Invisible Organism (6:10)
7. N.Strahl.N - Plasma-Spaltung (Geburt) (6:50)
8. Josef Nadek - Yersinia Pestis (5:14)
9. Schuster - The Scattering Of Bones - Place & Call (Klebsiella) (6:23)
10. Praying For Oblivion - ALH84001 (2:35)
11. The Psychogeographical Commission - Pathogenic Suspenson (5:27)
12. Sevan Oh - Natural Unit. (5:29)

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