Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mystified with others: Collusion / Experimental Electronics, Drone, electro accoustics, (remixes)

Reviewed by Gird_09

As track one slowly unwinds I find myself with a facial expression of deep surprise and fascination. Judging from the cover I was expecting something else entirely. Not sure what, but certainly something utterly boring. Cos lets face it, the cover is everything but interesting. The intricately woven sounds of the first three tracks, remixed by PBKsound, form a dense tapestry reminiscent of a mix between experimental ambient music, electronic composers of the fifties, electro accoustics and field recordings of high voltage. The music is organic and vibrant without actually sounding like anything else. It's purely electronic, but feels natural. The music also manages to demand your attention constantly, but in a very non-intrusive manner. The music lands somewhere in the landscape between noise and ambient with nods to both ends of the scale.

Track four, Heartstrong (remixed by KR-ohm, is slightly more contained than the first three, and signals a shift in focus. It's more ominous, but not unsettling, and reels the listener back in after perhaps losing ones path on the lengthy track that preceded it. Mystic Crunch, remixed by The Implicit Order, continues in this fashion, and is probably the most moody track of the album. The Implicit Order have remixed a total of four tracks for the album and their various remixes are both varied and interesting, adding depth to the album. I find myself drifting off as the album slowly nears the end, but without losing interest. A good sign. The sounds are a good addendum to a world in which the electric hum of various appliances form a constant backdrop. The final track, Windhypnose, remixed by Kwalijk, slows down to near inertia and ends the album.

Evidently the people behind this obscure project have been turning out underground music for quite some time with an impressive list of releases to their name, and I'm bit surprised by the fact that I haven't discovered them earlier. The music is well composed and deserves more attention.

This music certainly isn't for everybody, and chances are it's perfect for driving your pets and/or significant other insane, but over here at Kaliglimmer we've established ourselves as great believers in the qualities of experimental electronics, and that is just what this is. And quite interesting as such.

Various contries, File download, 2010 (download link)

1 PBK Mystified Remix 1
2 PBK Mystified Remix 2
3 PBK Mystified Remix 3
4 Heartstrong (remix by KR-ohm)
5 Mystic Crunch (remix by the Implicit Order)
6 Mystic Falling Thru (remix by the Implicit Order)
7 Untitled (remix by the Implicit Order)
8 Mystic Station (remix by the Implicit Order)
9 Windhypnose (remix by Kwalijk)

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