Saturday, October 9, 2010

Corpse Candle – Revenant : Drone / Noise

Reviewed by Gird_09

Revenant is free release from Corpse Candle, on the eminent net lable Twilight Luggage. It starts off by kicking you in the ear, followed by some rough massage of the bruised area. The music is nowhere near the harshness of various japanoise bands, but utilizes noise as a means to create more varied drone music. And it works very convincingly.

The tracks are stylistically consistent and atmospheric, ranging from ambient soundscapes via pure drones and further on to distorted sonic fists - all with a common ground in the blend between overdrive, deep drones and moody backdrops.

Thematically the music and the titles work together with the cover to create something one could easily call death ambient or death drone. While far away from the amusing juvenalia of death metal this release shares a fascination for moldy sepulchres, and manages to convey this fascination. The sounds are bleak and have a crusty feel to them. Like damp concrete hallways strewn with moist cadavers and overgrown with cobwebs. The music is perhaps the aural counterpart to the aesthetics of films like "La Noche del terror ciego".

The two first tracks of the release are by all means the best, while the third track seems a bit like filler material to me. Still as a whole the release is absolutely worth getting.

The music is available for free download, and if you like it you also have the option of purchasing a cd-r for 6£.

UK, Twilight Luggage, Free Download or CD-R, 2009

1 Blood Powder
2 Mold on Flesh
3 Phasmaphobia
4 Revenant

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