Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sol Invictus - The Bad Luck Bird: Neo-folk/neo-classical

Review by Cthulberg

While anxiously anticipating the next full length release “The Cruelest Month” by neo-folk legends Sol Invictus, what better way to wait it out than listening to a couple of tracks from that album. “The Bad Luck Bird” is available from Auerbach/Prophecy in an edition of 500 seven inch vinyls, the first such from Sol Invictus since the “Eve” PD-single off “Hill Of Crosses”. Both tracks are highly orchestrated songs, and mark a solid return to old form for Sol Invictus. With grandeur aplenty across the board, this release comes replete with all the neo-folk markings we’ve come to expect from Sol Invictus, but were to some extent denied on “The Devil’s Steed” (2005). “The Bad Luck Bird” is an absolutely impeccable song worthy of untold praise, “Stella Maris” is more subdued and placid, but nevertheless brimming with effortless beauty. The two moods compliment eachother perfectly. After the somewhat disappointing Orchestra Noir release "What If" a ways back, this was indeed a pleasant surprise. That said, it’s more or less impossible to find fault anywhere in this release, but I would perhaps like to point out that the label might have downplayed the cover artwork a little as it seems a little uninspired as opposed to the content of the record itself. Simply put, if you are a fan of the by now classic output of Sol Invictus in any way this single truly is a must-buy. And… if the album itself turns out to be of similar quality, then surely we have a new “The Blade” on our hands. I know I’m excited!

7 inch single, Germany, 2010, Auerbach Tonträger AB024

Track list:
A The Bad Luck Bird (single version)
B Stella Maris

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PS: In other related news, Tony Wakeford is currently working on a project with Eraldo Bernocchi of Sigillum S called Owls. From what has been “leaked” so far, you can expect to hear a very eclectic blend of styles both parties have made their own since the mid 80s. It certainly sounds leagues better than the Wakeford/Stapleton split-album “Revenge of the Selfish Shellfish”.


  1. Can't say that I agree that What if was dissapointing. It was different, but I like it, a lovely development from what was begun with The Affordable Holmes.

  2. I'd like to stress the word somewhat. "What If" is still rather a new addition to my collection and it may still grow on me a bit more than it has. Seems like my brain is telling me to expect music along the lines of Cantos and Eleven. As such I am having some adjustment problems :D